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Spunlace non-woven tape 12cm100m

Medical dressing

Product description

The latest style — rolls

The unit price is the price of a roll,

Specifications: 12cm*100m

Another 10cm*100m

Large quantities can be customized specifications, please contact Wangwang or call: Mr. Yu: 18362161082

Made of breathable non-woven fabric, it has good stretching force, is soft, and is very comfortable.

product advantages:

1, good air permeability! Summer is not boring skin.

2, sticky! Uses imported German glue.

3, back paper with “S” incision, easy stripping, tear off the back paper, can be used immediately.

4, there is stretching force, posted at the joints, activities freely! Soft and comfortable!

5, the back of paper for the grid printing, each cell is 1cm, convenient for doctors to cut. According to the size of the plaster can be cut free!

6, hypoallergenic! Import glue, hypoallergenic.



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