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Medical PU waterproof tape

Medical dressing

Product description

Medical waterproof wound film

We only do the best quality

1、Adopting German imported glue, good viscosity, low allergy;

2, pure PU material, breathability is better than other homes;

3, PU and PET above the release paper have “S” incision, easy to peel, easy to use.


5cm*10m 10cm*10m 15cm*10m

Film application

1, after surgery and various types of trauma shower waterproof, sweat, dressing on medicinal, especially caesarean section

2、Protection of various plasters: It can prevent the plaster from bathing in water, sweating and plastering to stain the clothes.

3, medical dressing paste: for the production of black plaster, white plaster, rosin plaster, cataplasm, new plaster, foot treatment

, Acupoint stick, Navel stick, Tianmo stick, Sanfu Tianmo stick, Corn stick etc.

4, baby care umbilical paste: medical standard allergy rate is very low, safe and no worry of leakage. Caesarean section generally buy 10 cm wide roll, this can also be used to cut the navel for the baby

Medical waterproof foil special guidance

  1. Open the first layer of white release paper first.
  2. Apply the product centrally to the wound dressing.
  3. After affixing, tear off the second layer of release paper.
  4. Apply pressure gently to smooth the product and fit the skin. For optimal waterproofing, press on the edges of the product.
  5. The surface of the film is exposed by the edge of the ablating layer, which is to achieve waterproof protection of the wound dressing.
  6. Can be used with non-stick absorbent cotton pad.

The most outstanding waterproof, no leakage of safety

Calculated by area, the most cost-effective, most suitable area for caesarean section

Functional dressing paste Bio-precision waterproofing

– Lasting stickiness is very flexible

In actual use, since the wound itself is a medical gauze pad, there is no need to worry about difficult tearing and allergy problems.


  1. It is important to note that once affixed to the hand, it is compacted by hand and it is forbidden to open the test viscosity. If it is affixed and then peeled off, it means that it has been invalidated.
  2. The film is of a biological nature, and it takes time for the skin to be affiliated with it. It is better to put some water in advance (more than one hour) to paste the effect.

3, we must ensure that no bubbles, no Alice, otherwise it will increase the chance of leakage.

  1. This product implements medical hygiene standards. Please rest assured that it is used exclusively by pharmaceutical factories. It is widely used in patch waterproofing, post-operative and wound waterproofing and dressings.
  2. For allergic skin on medical tapes, if serious allergies occur, please stop using it.



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