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Product description

High-grade medical tape – real silk material

Name: Medical Silk Tape

There are serrated and easy to tear edges, no need to cut with scissors, and can be directly torn along the serration edge, convenient and practical.

Specifications are as follows:

1.25cm*5m: 24 rolls/box

2.5cm*5m: 12 rolls/box

5cm*5m: 6 rolls/box

7.5cm*5m: 3 rolls/box

10cm*5m: 2 rolls/box

Three types of tape contrast:

1, non-woven paper tape cheap, relatively affordable.

2, silk tape has a little flexibility, PE tape is more breathable, a little hard feeling, non-woven paper tape is relatively thin, silk tape and pe tape attached to the body than the non-woven paper tape more breathable and comfortable.

  1. In clinical use, we only recommend customers to use silk tape, good adhesion, good ventilation, and can temporarily tear open the moving catheter without affecting the viscosity. (eg fixed endotracheal tubes, catheters, stomach tubes, nasal oxygen tubes, etc.)



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