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Skin color non-woven tape

Medical dressing

Product description

This is a skin-colored paper tape that can be used to cover double-fold eyelids. Covers such as scars may require two or three layers depending on the individual.

Specifications have the following:

1.25cm*4.5m: 44 rolls/box

1.25cm*9.14m: 24 rolls/box

2.5cm*4.5m: 18 rolls/box

2.5cm*9.14m: 12 rolls/box

5cm*4.5m: 6 rolls/box

7.5cm*4.5m: 3 rolls/box

10cm*9.14m: 2 rolls/box


Own specifications, oh, everyone is not the same.

【Product Usage】

  1. Suitable for covering larger areas of scars, birthmarks, tattoos, scars and so on. Ultra-thin models suitable for leveling infrequent activities

Shallow scars, birthmarks, white patches, epileptic scars. The effect can be seen at a closer look.



  1. Can do skin color double eyelid stickers (Beauty eyes), use elbow scissors to cut a shape, color skin color plus ultra-thin paste invisible

It will be very good.

  1. Fixed breasts, especially weddings, banquet dresses, chest stickers, bras and so on. Safe and reliable make women more confident.
  2. The new shoes and the summer sandals can be worn on the feet and the skin color is invisible.
  3. Bandage fixed wounds, originally medical, after strict disinfection, low sensitivity and no stimulation, can be used to temporarily fix wounds.

[How to use the cover]

Clean the skin and wipe dry to keep it dry. Dirt or skin blemishes and moisture can reduce or even lose the adhesiveness of the tape.

Cut the tape according to the size of your own needs (do not tear), keep the edge neat, and apply to the skin part that needs to be attached. After tearing open the tape, one end firstly touches the skin, and then press along this end to the other end, until the whole piece of tape is affixed with The skin should be applied to the site of the scar for a short period of time until the skin is firmly bonded. Pay attention to one-time stickers do not paste repeatedly, otherwise the viscosity will be lost.  After affixing, if you feel that your skin color is relatively large, you can use a suitable concealer or concealer for further modification to increase the invisible effect.

When the parents tear off the tape, tear it up in the direction of hair growth.

Other uses can refer to the above.



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