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PBT bandage elastic bandage 5cm4.5m

Medical dressing

Product description

【Name】PBT elastic bandage

[Specification] 5cm X 4.5m

Note: 4.5 meters refers to the length after stretching, not the natural length

[Material] PBT

【Features】 Comfortable and soft, good elasticity. If the PBT elastic bandage is understood as a substitute for a normal gauze bandage, its use is most easily understood. PBT elastic bandages are the most widely used and used bandages in all bandages and can be used in almost all medical care where bandages are used.

This product is made of high-quality textile materials. The product set is characterized by non-toxicity, medical use and environmental protection. It uses special techniques, unique processes, and multi-processes to make the mesh and elasticity of the product always uniform. The elasticity set by the bandage is determined by the body’s repeated testing to determine the safest elastic force.

Adaptable: After dressing, temperature difference, sweat, rain, etc. will not affect its use.


  1. First, wrap the bandage around the wound
  2. Then extend the bandage to both sides. Spiral wound repeat winding,
  3. Finally use a safety needle, medical tape to fix the end of the bandage

Use a wide range of:

Emergency first aid, standby during the war.

Various training, competitions, sports protection.

Field operations, occupational safety protection.

Family health self-protection and rescue.




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