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Non-stick wound pad 57.5cm

Medical dressing

Product description

[Name] absorbent pad / non-adhesive pad

[Material] Made of high quality medical absorbent fiber and PE dialysis membrane

[Specifications] 5*7.6cm (sterile packaging alone)

There are also 5*5cm, 7.5*7.5cm, 10*10cm sizes.

【Packing】Single-piece sterilization packaging

[Features] Can be directly applied to the wound surface, with the wound does not bond, strong suction ability, no skin irritation and other characteristics, can fully protect the wound and reduce the chance of wound contamination.

[Use] It is used for wound protection after debridement and disinfection. It can also be used to wipe wounds.

【Usage】 Before using this product to wrap the wound, the wound should be cleaned and disinfected. Tear the package, remove the blood-sucking pad, put one side of the anti-adhesion PE film on the wound surface, and then use a medical bandage or tape to fix it; if the wound continues to produce 1 blood, bandages can be used to stop bleeding.




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