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PE fixing tape hypoallergenic

Medical dressing

Product description

PE transparent tape

Price is 1.25cm*5m

Various specifications

Can be customized


Breathable, transparent, easy to tear, good viscosity!

Easy to tear, easy to break, since then bid farewell to the history of knife strokes, needles, where to break from where to break, where to tear from where to tear!


  1. Microporous structure – PE transparent, helps the skin to breathe naturally
  2. Low sensitization, never hurt the skin

3 soft and comfortable, no residue

  1. Do not tear off hair when it is removed. No pain.
  2. Suitable for general wound and dressing fixation, can also be used to prevent skin abrasions, chapped etc.
  3. Most commonly used are MMs as double eyelid stickers, very convenient

Tape substrate description:

1, non-woven tape (paper tape) is the hospital’s most common medical tape, such as when we infusion is this.

2, pe microporous tape is relatively good permeability.


3, silk tape tape permeability, anti-allergic, sticky should be good, the price is slightly more expensive.

4, cotton tape tape is relatively strong, generally used as anti-wear, cracking of hands and feet, and so on.

Product introduction: A double eyelid tape is absolutely necessary in the cosmetic case of the studio and professional make-up artist. Do you want to make your eyes bigger? Single eyelid mm can stick out double eyelid, as you like, easy to carry, very useful new beauty eyes.

Single eyelid MM cosmetic bag essential supplies, waterproof, should not fall off, good disassembly, will not hurt the eyelids, but it is very natural after the paste, does not affect the eye shadow and other cosmetic procedures, is also very breathable oh ~

The double-fold eyelid stickers that are already on the market are not always suitable for everyone. Because everyone’s eyes are different, they must be tailored according to their own eye characteristics.

Do you want to change your eyelid? Want to make your eyes more eyelid? Come try it out, cut it, stick it, and change it.

Steps for usage:

  1. Use elbow scissors to cut out the ideal curvature, length to fit your eyelid length is good ~
  2. Close your eyes and look for your own eyeliner. If it is already double-fold, stick it over the seam (this will make the eyes look bigger). If it is a single eyelid, you have to find a suitable position. Generally affixed 0.5CM from the eyelashes.
  3. Open your eyes, you can see their eyes magically bigger slightly, then use the bright foundation foundation, pay attention: eye parts must also hit oh ~ then the eye shadow, false eyelashes, wow, a beautiful doll It’s natural to be born this way, so it’s not easy for others to see that you’ve pasted a double-fold eyelid tape. Of course, to this extent, you still need MMs to practice more.



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