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PU transparent dressing 1025cm

Medical dressing

Product description

【Name】Disposable wound care stickers

【Package】Because of foreign trade products, the packaging is blank without printing.

Packaging paper with production date

[Specifications] sticker size: 10X25cm

Suction pad size: 5X20cm

The latest production, the general specification is 9*25 centimeters, this paragraph is 10*25 centimeters.

【Structure】Spunlace non-woven fabric, absorbent pad, white centrifugal paper, medical acrylate pressure sensitive adhesive

[Product use] for human wound protection, moisture absorption and fixation.

Can be used for caesarean section wound care

[product performance]

  1. Breathable: The network structure of spunlace non-woven fabric can make the skin breathe naturally, eliminate moisture and sweat, effectively reduce the occurrence of wound infection;
  2. Hypoallergenic: The use of medical pressure-sensitive adhesives for sticking to the skin does not irritate the wound and does not damage the skin when the dressing is removed;
  3. Non-adhesive wound: The absorbent pad covered with omentum is non-adhesive, and the omentum is only moisture permeable and non-hygroscopic. The absorbent pad can effectively absorb exudates, without sticking the wound, and without pain when peeled off.

【Scope of application】 For surgical wounds, acne, burns, scalds, ulcers, acne and other wound dressings and adsorption tissue exudate.

【Usage】Tear the package, remove the applicator aseptically, separate the centrifuged paper, and align the dressing block with the wound site so that the pressure-sensitive adhesive is adhered to the skin around the wound and gently compact it by hand.

[Contraindications] This product has no side effects in general and should be used with caution in patients with a history of specific skin allergies.

[Sterilization method] This product is sterilized with ethylene oxide

[Storage, Storage and Transportation Conditions]: The disposable self-adhesive application should be stored in a room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas, and good ventilation and cleanliness.

[Shelf Life]: One-year use of self-adhesive sterilization is valid for three years.



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