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Non-woven dressing 10*20cm

Medical dressing

Product description

Caesarean section breathable stickers

Absolute guarantee of quality

common problem:

  1. Is a band-aid genuine?

Band-aid is definitely genuine, we are factory outlets, please do not doubt the quality of the bandage because of the low price! Hospitals are directly from this side. Hospital price of 50 yuan a paste

  1. Is the adhesive tape sticky and breathable?

The adhesiveness and breathability of the wound dressing are all very good.

3, suitable for caesarean section mother paste it?

This size is designed specifically for caesarean mothers. Moms can rest assured that they can use it.

[Specifications] 10*20cm, Inner Cotton Size: 5*15cm

[material] non-woven fabric

【Packing】Single piece sterilization packaging

【color: White

[Shelf life] three years

[Name] Non-woven wound / Caesarean section paste (single piece sterilization packaging)

[Material] tape is spunlace mesh nonwoven (breathable)

Non-woven absorbent pad in the middle: Strong liquid-absorbing ability (can be used instead of gauze)

A layer of release film was added to the absorbent pad to prevent adhesion of the wound during peeling.

[Package] individually sterilized bags.

Because the product is foreign trade export goods, the outer packaging is a blank English printing bag.

【Specification】Outside sticker size: 10X20cm

The size of the absorbent pad that covers the wound in the middle: 5X15cm

Note: Fully suitable for caesarean section wounds, can cover up to 15cm surgical wounds


Breathable, good stickiness, not easy to fall off.

Strong absorption, no adhesion to wounds, promote wound healing.

To make up for the shortcomings of the past, put a piece of gauze on the wound and then fix it with tape.

(1) This wound patch is a combination of the middle absorbent pad and the adhesive tape, which solves the problems caused by the traditional traditional tape fixation, and it is easy to fall off, causing wound inflammation and other situations.

(2) This wound is applied with a high-absorbency non-woven mat in the middle, and a composite anti-adhesive breathable film, which solves the trouble caused by the subsequent gauze dressing wound, that is, the water absorption performance is not good, can not be completely Absorb wound fluid. When the gauze is torn off, it also causes the wound to heal slowly.



Replace it once a day and clean the wound before applying it.

The product has been sterilized, please rest assured to use!


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