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Medical PU transparent application 67cm

Medical dressing

Product description

[name] waterproof dressing paste baby protection umbilical paste

[Specifications] 6*7cm 1 piece/bag (single piece sterilization packaging)

Inner absorbent pad size: 3*4CM

[Material] PU high elasticity transparent waterproof and hypoallergenic material.


1) The waterproof dressing is applied to the wound after it is used for surgery, and the wound is applied to the composite dressing.

2) This product uses imported PU waterproof material, so that the wound is not afraid of water.

3) The four corners of this product are round corners, which is better than the previous right-angled styles, with no warping and sticking.

4) PU material has tensile force

[Application] Clinically applicable to the wound (surgical wound) application after surgery, and the baby’s umbilicus for wound protection.

Baby navel paste waterproof dressing paste, bath is not afraid Oh!

[Waterproof dressing paste use method]

Before dressing the wound with this product, the wound should be cleaned and disinfected;


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