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Product description

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Product Usage:

Wound around any part of the body according to actual needs, providing adjustable tightening force to prevent joint and muscle injuries during exercise. It can also be used as a substitute for wristbands, knee pads, shin guards, and elbow pads.

▲ special parts of the dressing fixed;

▲ Burns and postoperative pressure dressings;

▲ Lower limb varicose bandages;

▲ splint fixation;

▲ joint fixed protection.

▲ There is hair banding, this product does not stick hair, so it is also suitable for pet decoration and temporary dressing!

Self adhesive bandage

Self-adhesive bandage (non-woven type) is made of high-quality non-woven, after a certain processing process. The product has a non-sticky feel. It uses self-adhesive force of polymer glue to form a self-adhesive product. The product is self-adhesive, easy to tear, easy to open, non-stick skin, hair, high elasticity, good air permeability, sports support, sports protection Ideal supplies for first aid.


The use of high-quality non-woven fabric, soft and breathable, telescopic rate of more than 200%, can be cut off horizontally hand, for support, protection and fixed position. Individually packaged, rich in color.

Each 4.5 meters in length refers to the stretched length. The original length is about 3 cm.


  1. Self-adhesion: The use of natural latex properties produces a long-lasting self-adhesion. The product is self-adhesive but does not stick to skin and hair and is painless.
  2. Breathability: The base material of the design is soft and excellent in toughness. After dressing, the skin can be fully in contact with the air, sweat and moisture are easy to evaporate, and the comfort is high.
  3. High elasticity: It can exceed 200% of its own length to enhance the dressing performance.
  4. Convenience: Simple tearing, no need for scissors or other auxiliary tools.
  5. Waterproof: Water is not easy to fall off, firmly protected by the bandage, good air permeability, strong comfort, easy to fall off, is the ideal dressing products.


  1. If necessary, first close to the skin with gauze as the first layer of dressing
  2. Do not stretch the bandage
  3. Use a bandage to wrap around first and then continue to wrap. Each pod covers at least half the width of the front cymbal until the dressing is complete.
  4. Do not touch the skin with the last leg of the bandage, but cover it completely to ensure a good fit. Take care not to overtighten to maintain a good and comfortable dressing effect
  5. The bandage remaining after dressing can be self-adhesive to the bandage roll for the next dressing and application. Note that the last 15cm bandage used for bandaging should not be stretched so as to prevent the bandage from being dislodged when the bandage is too large.



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