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1 medical tape overview Medical tape is a type of tape used by doctors for patients. It is an important factor for the comfort of medical tapes.The comfort of medical…
1 medical tape overview
Medical tape is a type of tape used by doctors for patients. It is an important factor for the comfort of medical tapes.The comfort of medical products, with the improvement of the medical level.has received more and more attention from medical personnel and patients.
2 medical tape standard [1]
The functionality of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes,in simple terms, is good or not.For medical pressure sensitive tapes,this is mainly reflected in the following points:
First, if the adhesiveness of the material is sufficient.when the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape needs to be attached to the skin (such as when used in surgical towels),the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape should be firmly attached to the surface of the material;
Second, whether the stickiness to the skin is appropriate,because most medical tapes need to be affixed to the skin, should have the appropriate, not the stronger, the better the stickiness,3M clinical research department assesses the strength and applicability of pressure sensitive adhesive tape to skin by measuring the peel strength of pressure sensitive adhesive tape on the skin;
Third, whether the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape can adapt to the corresponding sterilization method, and the effect of different sterilization methods on the product performance is different. Selecting the material suitable for the product sterilization method is an important part of product design.
The functional characteristics of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are mainly in these three aspects.which is in line with the requirements of medical tapes.
3 medical tape production [2]
For medical pressure sensitive tapes, there should be higher stability and traceability requirements for the production process than other tape products.
1. For key process parameters, medical tapes usually require a process capability index (CPK) > 1.33.
2. The medical tape can trace back to the raw material batch,operating personnel, equipment parameters and other relevant information used by any batch of products through the LOT number to conduct investigation and improvement of the problem.
Medical tape is no more than other adhesive tapes, and it is primarily safe. It should also be strictly required during production.
4 medical tape allergy itching method [3]
1, first from the allergy caused by medical tape.
2, usually pay attention to avoid contact with medical tape.
3. Second, pay attention to the impact of environmental climate change, according to doctor’s recommendations for external use or internal medicine.
4, the general situation of timely deactivation, over time like no treatment. If necessary, seek medical attention.
5, consider the allergic dermatitis and environmental climate change, diet, immunity and body resistance is poor and so on. we must first pay attention to diet, eat less spicy, seafood, beef and mutton.
6, if the local skin edema, ulceration, should be carefully debridement, remove the plastic residue of the tape, protect the wound, to prevent bacterial infection.
7. Do not stick the tape for too long.
8, do not paste in the red spot.
9. Wrap bandages to avoid skin contact with the tape.
10. Severe persons should seek immediate medical attention.
5 Use range
Hospital sterilization packaging, suitable for central disinfection supply room, operating room, stomatology, etc.
6 Adapt to sterilization
Pressure steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde sterilization and so on.
7 Product Features
The product substrate is a pure wood pulp natural material, non-toxic and non-irritating, and has good air permeability. The medical packaging tape is soft, easy to unwind, and easy to operate; it is suitable for cross-packaging of sterilization cotton cloths used by medical enterprises.
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