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Pre – flush syringe

Disposable syringes

Sizes: 3ml,5ml,10ml

Registration certificate No.: 国食药监械(准)字2014第3151707

Production introduction:

  1. Unique prepulse design to reduce catheter-related infection in an all-round way
  2. Zero stab wound
  3. Zero configuration
  4. The first choice of clinical flushing and sealing tube

Terminal sterilizationThe sterilization level of sal was as high as 1 ≤ 1000 000, and the aseptic level was 1000 times higher than that of manual configuration. This obviously improves the high pollution rate of clinical manual preparation and avoids catheter-related infection caused by traditional flushing tube tools.

Screw mouth designNo needle connection, avoid needle injury, used to connect all kinds of ducts.

Pharmaceutical grade raw materialsSafe aseptic treatment

Built-in aseptic washing solutionReduce hospital infection and improve the treatment effect.

Design of aseptic locking ringEnsure that liquids are not contaminated during transport and storage。

Zero configurationFrom 16 steps of manual preparation to 6 steps of operation, the nursing efficiency was significantly improved. 。

Zero stab woundThe needle-free connection design completely eliminates the risk of acupuncture injury and reduces the risk of blood-borne diseases.

Scope of application: suitable for intravenous infusion flushing and sealing pipe flow.



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