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Disposable infusion set

Disposable syringes

Specification & model:

Intake (normal, precision), non-intake (normal, precision), non-intake (normal, precision)

Iv infusion needle specifications: 0.4#, 0.45#, 0.5#, 0.55#, 0.6#, 0.7#, 0.8#, 0.9#, 1.1#, 1.2# (single wing, double wing, no wing

Registration no. : registration permit 20173661051



  1. Non-pvc material
  2. No plasticizer
  3. Guarantee infusion safety

【 “ultra low density polyethylene infusion” contains no plasticizer (DEHP, etc.), medical, nursing, risk of transfusion safety 】 : commonly used in the PVC infusion sets contains a lot of plasticizer (DEHP, etc.) when using PVC infusion infusion fat-soluble, enzyme solubility and antitumor drugs, such as taxol, ciprofloxacin, cefoperazone sodium, fluconazole, metronidazole hydrochloride, cimetidine, fat emulsion, etc.), plasticizer from dissolution in the infusion, with the liquid enters the body, plasticizer carcinogenicity,


【 don’t adsorption ultra low density polyethylene infusion drugs, does not affect curative effect, protect the patient’s medication safety 】 : the literature at home and abroad PVC infusion sets have polarity, because of material itself has adsorption to the part of the drug, cause prescription medication, curative effect is reduced, especially for fat-soluble, alcohol soluble and antitumor drug adsorption is the largest.

[protection of ecological environment] “ultra-low density polyethylene infusion device” only generates carbon dioxide and water after incineration, and does not produce highly toxic dioxins gas and hydrogen chloride gas that can form acid rain, so as to protect the ecological environment.

[technical patent] : in 2007, the state intellectual property office of the People’s Republic of China granted weigao group an invention patent. On January 11, 2010, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council held the national science and technology award conference at the great


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