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N95 Mask

N95 mask is composed of needled cotton, fusion-sprayed cloth and non-woven cloth. The fusion-sprayed cloth is thicker, plus the thickness of needled cotton, so it looks thicker than the surface mask and has better barrier effect.

The N95 mask is one of nine NIOSH certified particle respirators. N means not resistant to oil)。”95″ means that the concentration of particles in the mask is more than 95% lower than the concentration of particles outside the mask when exposed to a specified number of specialized test particles. 95% of these values are not averages, but minimums.

Product Details

The N95 Mask is not a specific product name, as long as it meets the N95 standard and is approved by NIOSH,The protection grade of KN95 means that the filtration efficiency of mask filter material on non-oily particulate matter (such as dust, acid mist, paint mist, microorganism, etc.) is 95% under the testing conditions stipulated by NIOSH standard.

The effective material of N95 mask protection is non-woven cloth, melting spray cloth, made of polypropylene.In addition to the filtration efficiency of the mask, the tightness between the mask and the face is one of the important factors determining the effectiveness of the mask.Different types of masks, and the human face there is a big difference in the suitability.Therefore, the suitability of the mask should be tested before use.When testing the tightness of the wearer’s face, ensure that air can pass in and out of the mask under the condition of close fitting to the edge of the face.

  1. The parts with metal strips on the mask face up, do not wear them under;
  2. Pull the rubber band off the mask and hang the two rubber bands on your ears and adjust them to a comfortable position;
  3. After wearing the mask, press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose to make the bridge of the nose fit the mask;
  4. Smooth both cheeks, leaving no gaps between the mask and face.



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