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The gloves can be divided into powder and powder free gloves

The length of the eye gloves: 23cm, 30cm(9″,12″) two kinds: The thickness is 0.08mm-0.09mm; Color: mainly blue; Main packaging: 100pcs/ box specification: XS, s, m,l, XL

Characteristics of the products of the eye gloves

  1. excellent chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good chemical protection for corrosive substances such as solvents and petroleum,
  2. good physical properties, good tear resistance, puncture resistance and friction resistance
  3. comfortable style. The hand machine of gloves designed according to human-computer engineering makes the fingers bent to make it comfortable to wear and facilitate blood circulation
  4. it does not contain protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, and it rarely produces allergies.
  5. the degradation time is short, easy to handle, and it is favorable for environmental protection.
  6. it has no silicon composition and has certain antistatic performance, which is suitable for the production needs of electronic industry.
  7. the surface chemical residue is low the ion content is low, and the particle content is small, which is suitable for the strict dust-free room environment

It is widely used in medical inspection, food industry, household work, chemical industry, water industry, glass products and scientific industries


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