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sposable Cardiac Valve Replacement Surgical Pack

Disposable consumables, surgical pack

isposable Cardiac Valve Replacement Surgical Pack

  1. Scope of Application: Used for one-time protection during the surgery conducted by the department of a medical therapy unit.
  2. Supports customization according to the customer’s drawings and requirements.

Product Details

Fitting Name Size Quantity Material
Hand Towel 30cm*40cm 2 Spunlace
Surgical gown L 2 SMS
Mayo stand cover 75cm*145cm 1 PE+PP
Fluoroscopy cover Ф100cm 1 PE
Suture bag 25cm*30cm 1 SMS
Utility Drape with tape 60cm*70cm 4 SMS
Valve Replacement drape 260cm*300cm*200cm 1 SMS+Tri-layer
Op-Tape 10cm*50cm 2 /
Back table cover 150cm*190cm 1 PE+PP


(1) Surgical Gown: Features high protectiveness, which can prevent the penetration of blood, grease, and alcohol.

(2) Back Table Drape: Parcels the accessories in an operating instrument set, or functions as a table cloth on which the apparatus is arranged when taken out from an operating instrument set.

(3) Surgical Drape: Effectively blocks liquid and bacterial penetration and prevents cross infection when covering the patient.

(4) Under Buttocks Drape: Padding under the pregnant woman to avoid contaminating the bed with amniotic fluid or other fluid during the productive process.

(5) Gauze Sponge: Stop bleeding, press and absorb fluid during surgery.

(6) Instrument Mask: Instrument protection.

(7) Protecting Mask: Instrument protection.



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