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Disposable light proof infusion device

Disposable infusion devices

Sizes: General type, precision type, flow set fine tuning precision type.
The pore size of the precision liquid filter is 0.22μm,1.2μm,3.0μm,5.0μ.

Conventional type:if there is an intravenous needle, the size of the intravenous needle is 0.45#, 0.5#, 0.55#, 0.6#, 0.7#, 0.8#, 0.9#, 1.2#


  1. The unique three-layer composite light-proof structure design
    2. Avoid the precipitation of polluting drugs by light repellents
    3. Avoid contact between medical and nursing staff and light repellents
    The necessity of light-sensitive medicine to protect from light
    Light accelerates the oxidation of drugs, which can cause photodegradation of some photosensitive drugs, which not only reduces the curative effect of drugs, but also can change the color and precipitate, seriously affect the quality of drugs, and even increase the toxicity of drugs. Therefore, these drugs must be used to avoid light infusion when they are used on the spot.
    Three-tier coincidence structure description 
    The outer layer is an anti-falling layer, and the light-shielding rate of the catheter is constant and the light-proof rate reaches 99 percent in the effective period of the product; the middle layer is a light-proof layer, can effectively play a light-proof function, and the inner layer is an isolation layer, so that the light-proof agent can be prevented from migrating to the medicine.
    The comparison of traditional light – avoiding infusion device and three – layer composite structure light – avoiding infusion device
    The traditional light avoidance infusion device is a monolayer structure, the light repellent is in direct contact with the drug, and the migration of the light avoidance agent in the process of infusion is easy to cause the contamination of the drug solution. The new disposable light avoidance infusion adopts three-layer composite technology to effectively isolate the contact between the arrester and the liquid and the external environmental factors, which completely solves the pollution caused by the migration of the arrester to the liquid and the external environment, and provides a reliable guarantee for the safe and effective use of drugs in clinic.


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