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Sizes10×60mm 13×75mm 13×100mm 16×100mm

Clinical use: Clinical hematological whole blood test, various blood cell analysis, cross matching, etc.

Preparation of specimens: whole blood

Blood collection volume:  1ml 2ml 3ml 4ml 5ml 6ml 8ml 9ml 10ml

Storage temperature:4~30℃

Vacuum tolerance:±10%

Detailed introduction

Color Tube size/mm Materials Additives Blood collection volume/ml Pcs/carton Carton dimension/cm
Lavender 10 X 60 Glass EDTAK2/EDTAK3 1ml 1800/1200 46.5×36×22
Lavender 13 X 75 PET/Glass EDTAK2/EDTAK3 2,3,4,5ml 1800/1200 46.5×36×29
Lavender 13×100 PET/Glass EDTAK2/EDTAK3 5,6,7ml 1800/1200 46.5×36×29
Lavender 16 X 100 PET/Glass EDTAK2/EDTAK3 8,9,10ml 1000/800 60×40×24


According to customer requirements, customize vacuum, non-vacuum, high altitude test tube to adapt to customer local temperature, humidity, altitude and other climatic conditions, to meet the requirements of special inspection equipment and operation mode.

Operating instructions:

  1. The prescribed amount of blood collection should be reached.

Immediately after blood collection, mix 5 times and 8 times upside down.




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